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Confident Staffing finds qualified people who are motivated, reliable and passionate – that fit into your team and add value to your organization.

Confident helps you identify and hire the most qualified candidates available.  Our clients know that we provide the highest level of screened candidates available without wasting their time.

Whether you have a short term need to supplement your staff with temporary or contract employees or you are looking for a long-term addition to your current team, Confident makes hiring an enjoyable experience.

Confident gives you the best chance of finding people that match your job openings.

Job Seekers

Looking for that perfect job that fits your goals and interests? One resume or application with us helps open the doors to hundreds of opportunities! Maybe it’s time to get Confident Staffing working for you.

We don’t just read your resume, we get to know what makes you tick. Because let’s be real, having a friendly and professional guide to help spot and secure the right job for you and your goals can make all the difference as you face the challenge of getting noticed by hiring managers at companies you really want to work for. We’ve implemented new technologies that help us continuously match our people’s profiles to our customer’s open jobs!

Sometimes it is about who you know… Get to know Confident Staffing because we know who’s hiring!

Make your life easy! Let us do the work for you.

Success Stories

“To my amazement I found work through Confident within 30 minutes of walking through the door…They really turned things around for me when I needed it most…I say if job hunting is going nowhere, time to Get Confident.”

“I had a very positive experience with Confident Staffing!! Really friendly, nice people who were so patient in answering my questions and supportive in my temp job. The temp job became permanent so I’m even more pleased that I worked with this company!! I would recommend this company for sure!”

“Everyone at Confident Staffing has been a pleasure to connect with. They are the best choice for employers and employees because they know how to balance the demands and complexities of the HR and staffing environments with total quality customer service! Unparalleled!”

“Confident Staffing is the most professional employment agency that I’ve ever worked with. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I feel safe in knowing that they will find me the right kind of job that fits my experience and schedule.”

“Great company to have on your side as a small business. Very professional staff that handle all the important and time consuming details in business from the hiring to the payroll, yet being very detailed in looking out for their clients and employees.They take the time to make the best matches possible to insure safe, quality, viable connections are made between the employers and employees.”

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