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Finding a job that works for you


Ready to find a long-term career?

We’re always looking for dedicated, reliable employees who want a full-time career.  We have many temp-to-hire opportunities that allow you to start out working full-time hours through us and in a few short months, you become the full-time employee of our client’s company, making great pay and enjoying full benefits.

New to working?

We have jobs that will help you gain valuable experience. Get some experience so you can earn the pay you know you deserve.

Ready to promote yourself to a better position?

If you are working right now but don’t feel like your talents and abilities are being appreciated, it’s time to get the Confident team working for you. We’d love to help your career progress to the next level.

Looking for a summer job?

We have temporary work too if that’s your jam! If you’re a student, looking for weekend work or looking to pick up an extra shift, or just don’t want to commit to long term work right now, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started! Your future is waiting.

Stop looking. Start working!

Stop settling in your professional life. Find an employer that values you rather than viewing you as just a number.

If your career feels like it isn’t going in the right direction or you just need a change in where you work and who you work with, tell the Confident team what your goals and desires are.

We do the searching for you while you keep working.

No more drowning in applications or sending out endless resumes.
No more time wasted filling out paperwork and never hearing anything back.
We can get you in a door that might’ve seemed impossible to get through before.

Let's work together

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