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Try out people on the job – on our payroll – before you hire!

Our Temp-to-Hire program offers you flexibility, reduced risk and increased opportunity to find the best people for your company.  Try out a temporary employee on the job, at an affordable hourly rate, before you make any long-term job offers.

After 60 days (just 480 hours – which is 60 (8) hour workdays), you have the option of hiring our temporary employee directly, with no fees of any kind.  This gives you time to try out people on the job, on our payroll, before you accept any employer risks.

Avoid any “hassles” caused by a less-than-perfect “match-up” because you can actually see an employee “in action”, on the very job they will be performing for your company, should you choose to hire them.  If you feel this person is not the perfect match (for any reason) you can simply end their temporary assignment through Confident. Confident is always happy to end an assignment with our employee for you – so you don’t have to deal with any unpleasantness.  Then, we will work hard to immediately find another person for your position.

An additional benefit of not having new hires on your payroll is the lack of any impact on your “unemployment insurance” rate.  Many employers don’t realize just how much hiring & lay-off costs affect your entire payroll expense for years to come.  This can represent substantial cost savings to your company, by avoiding lay-off’s and new hire terminations, when you utilize Confident’s risk-free staffing services, instead of trying out people on your own payroll.

Any time after the employee has worked for your company for 480 hours through Confident, you may place them on your own payroll.  Just call us to let us know when you desire to do this.  You may choose to put them on your payroll the very next day, at the start of your next pay period, or whenever you choose.

You may find it more convenient and cost-effective to leave certain employees on our payroll long-term.  We are happy to handle payroll duties and employer costs for our customers for months and even years.  Should you decide to utilize these continuing payroll services, be sure to call Confident for an ongoing rate reduction.

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