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Government Services

Government Services Capabilities

By combining years of government services experience with commercial best practices, we provide government clients, the support they demand in a wide variety of specialties.

Our SAM & D&B registrations allow us to support specific needs and contract directly with government agencies, as well as to provide a broad range of engineering, scientific, technical and other professionals to our government clients. All of our ID and NAICS numbers are available upon request and are listed in the SAM government contractor Registration.

Our ability for recruiting high performing, cleared personnel within a short time frame, and to rapidly onboard these contract personnel makes us a natural partner in projects facing deadlines and performance standards. We combine our extensive geographic reach with a nationwide network of independent recruiters.

Confident Staffing can:

  • Source and deploy the right technical talent.  We’ve recruited, screened, tested and placed thousands of technical and skilled professionals and we have quality, experienced talent ready to work now as well as being able and willing to recruit and hire retired government workers to work on contracts specific to their expertise and experience, often in the same or similar department to where they had worked prior to retirement.
  • Provide consistent and proactive communication.  We’ve built our reputation on superior service and communication with our customers.
  • Leverage our extensive network.  We have recruiting partners in multiple states across this great country of ours – working together in harmony to recruit, hire and deploy a qualified and experienced workforce for government entities.

Our commitment to exceed our client’s expectations and to assist them in obtaining their goals is evident in everything we do, from the planning stages through the final delivery.

Services to Meet Your Needs

Confident Staffing offers services in the following specialties:

We supply the skilled professionals you need for all phases of your contract projects from development through the project life cycle.

  • Scientific & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Administrative and Technical Support

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